Check Out 5 Common Signs Of Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is a very serious oral issue. This usually occurs when bacteria completely cover the inner chamber of the teeth caused due to untreated dental decay. Patients suffering from a root canal infection should visit the dentist without any delay since the infection can spread very rapidly.

When the bacteria attack the soft pulp material of the inside layer of your tooth, the infection turns severe. The dentist performs root canal therapy to cleanse the infected pulp and bring back your tooth in a good form.

Now, before all these, you require to be familiar with the warning symbols of root canal infection. Our article emphasizes primarily the warning signs of this oral condition.

Warning signs


Acute pain is one of the biggest warning signs that make people seek a dentist’s help when suffering a root canal infection. The pain grows when you bite down or put pressure on the affected tooth. Even, you may experience tooth sensitivity when you have hot/cold food and drinks.

The pain can also generate by inflammation of the gums. The swelling makes your gum red and tender. 

Tooth darkening

When the inside layer of the tooth gets infected, the tooth may convert to brown or yellow. When the infection reaches the pulp tissues, they become dark brown, and that transforms the tooth color. 

During the procedure of root canal therapy, your dentist brings out the dying or necrotic pulp material. And then he/she applies the tooth filling. 

Dental abscess

Dental abscess springs up when the bacteria and dying pulp material generate deep pockets. And these pockets are filled with pus. The condition gives immense discomfort and also produces bad breath. A foul-smelling liquid may even release out of the abscess.

A Periodontist takes out the painful abscess and cleanses the area while performing root canal therapy.

Chronic bad breath

Patients who experience root canal infection generally tend to have chronic bad breath. If the bad breath continues to stay even after brushing and flossing properly, then an infection is most likely to be present.

The bacteria that lead to root canal infection usually release an odor. This causes bad breath and you may also feel a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Gum Area Is Swollen

When you have swollen gums, it hints at complications below the surface. If you notice that your gums are painful and swollen or have a raised bump, see your dentist without any delay. 

In maximum cases, a root canal is performed to solve this issue of inflamed gums.

Get Help Today!

Don’t stress or panic, if you suspect that you are suffering from a root canal infection since this can be entirely healed with a root canal process. 

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