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How much do dental implants cost? Average price

November 29, 2019

You must undoubtedly have heard about dental implants being shocking expensive. If you are thinking to get dental implants, you must be wondering what should be the amount that is expected to pay or if your dentist is attempting to pull one over on you. This article will clear all your doubts regarding the cost of dental implants. You will understand why implants cost as much as they do.

Single-tooth implant cost

The cost of a single tooth implant is approximately between $1000 and $3000. This price is the average cost without any use of dental insurance or discount plans. This approximate cost comprises of implant surgery cost and some related expenses. The total cost may increase according to your circumstances.

If implants are required for multiple teeth placement, the expenses may increase. Dental implants are of different kinds and the one you need depends on your tooth replacement requirements.

Average cost of multiple dental implants

Multiple implants are required for patients who have more than one missing tooth. In general, multiple implants cost approximately $3000 to $30000 and may even increase. For replacement of 2 to 4 teeth with better quality implants may cost between $6000 and $10000. The cost may vary according to individual needs.

The implant surgery is performed on patients who have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. The patient needs to have a healthy gum line too for the placement of dental implants. The place of the missing teeth also plays an important role.

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