Dental Implants

How Should You Care For Your Dental Implants?

September 30, 2021
Dental Implants

Feeling weird and awkward with damaged or missing teeth? Then, dental implants can work wonders for you. You will definitely receive a natural-looking and confident smile.

To upgrade your aesthetics and enjoy all advantages of dental implants, you require practicing proper implant care. And it already begins from the minute you leave your dentist’s office after the surgery!

 Read this guide to learn about a few tips to care for your dental implants. 

Start Using a Soft Nylon Toothbrush 

Once your dental implants are installed successfully, you gotta swap your toothbrushes. Nylon toothbrushes have really flexible bristles and just because of this very reason, they are soft on your implants. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes in a gentle manner.

Say ‘NO’ to Abrasive Items 

Whether it’s a toothpaste or mouthwash that you are using, purchase only sensitive cleaning products after you get your implants. This is because abrasive stuff may cause too much irritation. 

Try not to use any oral items that consist of too many flavors, for example, mint or cinnamon. They can even cause utter uneasiness. 

Floss Daily 

Never skip your flossing routine. Floss at least once on a daily basis. Once you get your implants, flossing turns out to be more crucial than ever. Plaque can easily accumulate around your implants, leading to other oral health hazards. 

Stay Away from Sticky/Hard Foods

When you eat hard/sticky foods, it can destroy your implants. Keep these foods at bay once you obtain your implants-

  • Ice 
  • Caramel
  • Hard candies
  • Dried fruit
  • Hard-shell tacos
  • Potato chips
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Steak 
  • Crusty bread, like French bread

Use a mouth-wash 

Always clean your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash after every meal. It washes away all the food debris and bacteria stuck in between your teeth and also gathered around your implant.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Intake

Dental implants naturally take 6 months to totally heal. And thus, smoking can be too hazardous during this healing phase. Also, if you drink alcohol, it only hinders and slows down the curing procedure of implants. And hence, try to stay away from these at all costs. 

Schedule Regular Visits to Your Dentist 

It’s vital to meet your dentist for a regular check-up at least twice a year. With great care and dental exams, your Implants can remain with you forever.

Immediate Aftercare 

We have listed a few things that you must start to follow at once after your implant surgery:

  • Keep biting on the gauze to prevent bleeding
  • Put your head in an elevated way for 8-12 hours after the surgery
  • Use an ice pack on your face in 15-minute intervals 
  • Have only soft food items and beverages 
  • Take your prescribed doses on time
  • Never try to drive yourself home after the implant surgery.

Final say

So, as you can clearly see that caring for your dental implants is not a tough job at all.

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