January 12, 2021
root canal treatment

You don’t have to live with decayed teeth any longer as Root Canal Therapy is here! The term “root canal” commonly implies ‘washing the canals inside a tooth’s root’. The dentist will give you a Root canal treatment to stop dental ache and guard your teeth from intense decay. A tooth’s nerve or pulp gets infected and inflamed due to-

  • Bad decay
  • Multiple dental proceedings on a tooth
  • A chipped or broken tooth
  • Serious injury to the face

When you undergo a Root Canal Treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp will be taken out. And the inside part will be entirely cleaned and disinfected, followed by filling and sealing.


When is a Root Canal Treatment required?     

Well, teeth comprise a soft core termed as dental pulp. The pulp stretches from the crown — the noticeable part of the tooth, till the tip of the tooth’s root in the jawbone. When your tooth is broken or has an intense cavity, bacteria enters your pulp. If you don’t visit your dentist at the correct time, the tissue joined to the tooth will get damaged or infected. Due to thisyou might develop an abscess. As a result, this gradually, will cause bone loss, pulp death, and the loss of tooth itself.



  • Severe toothache while you bite or chew
  • Your face, neck and surrounding areas of the head may swell
  • A hole might occur in your tooth
  • Bone loss near the apex of the root
  • Tooth might break or get cracks
  • Pimples over the gums
  • Swollen gums
  • You might experience serious decay or darkening of the gums
  • Temperature sensitivity (hot and cold sensations particularly)

What will your Dentist do in Avenel, NJ?

Don’t freak out even if your Dentist in Avenel recommends you the root canal process!This dental practice actually relieves pain and heals your decayed tooth.

Nowadays, a modern Root Canal Treatment is generallygiven in one or two appointments.It depends on the problem level of your tooth and your health status. Your doctor will take some impressions of your teeth to check the level of decay. You may also undergo anaesthesia to tackle the pain.Next,your dentist will put a rubber-like sheet popularly called a ‘dental dam’ in your mouth. It will help keep your tooth clean, protected and free of saliva. When the decay is entirely wiped out, your dentist will do an opening. By using tiny dental tools, the infected or damaged pulp will get eliminated. The last phase of the treatment is all about restoring your tooth. Once the filling is applied, a crown also termed as an artificial tooth is set up- that looks real.


Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • You can chew naturally
  • Proficient biting force and sensation
  • You’ll get a standard appearance
  • Guards your other teeth from intense pressure or strain


Follow a proper dental regimen to help your restored tooth stay for a lifetime.

We hope that you have now gained a clear understanding about Root Canal Treatment. In case, you’re looking for ‘Dentist near me’ in Avenel, NJ then get in touch with us at  NJ Smiles Dental to receive best Root Canal Therapy!