What should you know when you undergo an dental implant treatment?

Do you miss a tooth? Or are your chipped teeth stopping you from showing off a great smile? Let us put an end to your worries. Our dental implant dentists in Edison are here to help you get back your confident smile.

Firstly what is a dental implant?

Dental implants are replacements for a tooth’s root. Most of the cosmetic dentists use titanium or zirconium rods to anchor in the place of the missing root. In the case of trauma or chips, the crown gets damaged and will need immediate attention. This is when implant dentistry comes to your help.

The tooth along with the crown and its root is extracted and replaced with a fresh tooth. Our cosmetic dentist in Edison will perform the necessary procedures for an implant.

However, if you are trying to know about the procedures, here you go.

Tooth extraction

You will first be examined for infections, swelling or any other discomforts in the mouth. In case the implant dentist finds any such issues, you will be given medications till it heals.

After the restoration period, the extracted site will be allowed to restore to good condition. Once the site is ready for an implant, you will be given anesthetics before drilling for the implant placement.

Socket grafting

The affected area has to be grafted to continue with the drilling and placement of implant rod. Your cosmetic dentist in Edison will try and retain as much of bone and gums as possible.

Healing period

Every process done during an implant is followed by an attenuation time. The socket grafting is followed by a short period of restoration. The duration of healing depends and varies from person to person.

For quick and seamless recovery, follow the tips given by your implant dentist. This will make a huge difference in the time taken for recovery.

Abutment anchoring

When the site gets ready, the abutment is anchored in its place. The abutment serves as a bridge between the crown and the implant rod.
Crown placement

The full tooth comes to a proper form when the crown is placed over the abutment. With appropriate medications and regular check-ups, you will be ready to show off your new tooth soon.

Now, what do you get after an implant?

  • An enchanting smile and a high confidence
  • You get to discover the new, energetic you
  • Complete freedom to have anything you wish
  • Worry less about staining your teeth
  • Socialize with absolutely no hesitation
  • Oral healthcare with zero stress
  • Simplified oral healthcare

Are you someone looking to smile bright and full? Your solution is right here. For any queries related to a beautiful smile, give us a call or contact us online.

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