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Dental Implant

Dental Implants are the Treatment of choice today for replacing missing teeth. Dental Implants are made of Titanium, a noble metal, which is accepted by the body readily. Most artificial hips and joints are also made of Titanium. Its clinically proven to be safe and cause no adverse effects in the body.

Today, Dental Implants have come down in cost, have become extremely predictable. Process to implant is very simple and usually results in minimal post operative pain. Watch this video to see the surgery performed in our office.

Implants are like roots of the natural teeth, once implanted, we usually wait three to six months depending upon individual healing capacity. After healing period is over, we place a post, which is customized for your jaw and crown is placed onto this post. Crown could be screw retained or cement retained.

Dental implants require no specific maintenance protocol. Just like natural teeth require brushing and flossing. Dental Implants do not get decay and are proven to last long term.

Dental Implants can be used to restore one tooth to Entire dentition.

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ALL on FOUR - ALL on SIX Concept

Through years of research and clinical trials, a novel approach to replace missing teeth in the entire jaw has been developed. This unique approach allows us to place 4 to 6 implants without the need for major bone graft and/or sinus surgeries on the upper arch and avoid the nerve damage in the lower arch.

In four implant scenarios, 2 implants in the back are tilted to avoid vital structures without sacrificing the how far back the teeth can be safely restored. We usually take a 3D xrays of your jaw and import the image into patented Blue sky Plan software. We then scan your jaw with our intra oral scanner, ITero, or scan your impressions. We utilize this modern technology to perform Mock Surgery via computer simulation. This process, perfected by us, results in very accurate and easy staging of the actual treatment. Although this procedure is usually expensive but without unique approach and financial arrangement, you can get started with minimal down payment and stage the treatment so that you don't have to worry about your pocket.

Call us today to schedule a free Consult and 3D x-rays, where available. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Loose Denture or Flopping Dentures?

Most dentures, once made, leads to a rapid loss of the underlying bone leading to a shrinkage of the tissues. Dentures, thus become loose and floppy, tend to fall out while eating. Sometimes this problem can be resolved with the use of the denture adhesive. Denture adhesives are not really patient friendly and prolonged use can lead to change in the taste and excessive salivation.

Dental implants can be used to “fix” your denture to the underlying bone. Its an easy procedure, called Over denture. Implants are placed in the jaw and are fitted with retentive part, usually called, anchor. A corresponding part is retrofitted in the denture. This process is very cost effective ad usually takes about an hour to complete. You walk in the Loose dentures and walk out with renewed comfort.

Call us to day to schedule a free evaluation to explore your options. As with any treatment, we have affordable payment plans available to meet your budget.

Implant Videos

Post-op Care for Dental Implants

Missing Teeth

Dental Implants for Terminal Dentition

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