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Emergency Dentistry

I have been a patient for about a yr now and the Dr and her assistants make you feel so very comfortable! The front office staff are also very nice and very accomadating! I have been terrified of the dentist for as long as I can remember and they made my fears go away. They do excellent work and I highly recommend this office! Thanks NJ Smiles your the best!

- Kimberley Schrodi



Emergency Dentistry in Avenel & Union, NJ

Dental emergencies occur the most unexpected, and the most inconvenient times, very often. We understand that dental injuries and accidents, regardless of day or time, must be treated as soon as possible. NJ Smiles Dental offers the highest quality dental emergency services in the shortest period of time possible.

Using the latest advances in dental technology we will resolve your dental emergency with care, concern, and highly skilled techniques. By offering a relaxed setting, we will make sure you feel comfortable. If any member of your family needs urgent dental care, call NJ Smiles Dental for quick, high-quality, compassionate dental emergency care.


Dental emergency services include (but are not limited to) treating:

Chipped or cracked teeth
Broken teeth
Severe toothache
Broken crown
Loose/missing dental filling
Dental bridges broken apart
Pain in the gums
Good particles caught in your teeth
Abscesses, and more

Life is fairly difficult if you struggle tobe coping with sudden dental emergencies. Trust the compassionate dental practitioners at NJ Smiles Dental to be here for you when you need emergency dental attention, offering reassurance and top-quality emergency dental care. We 're going to have you back on the right track and ready to resume your life as quickly as possible.

Why choose us

At NJ Smiles Dental, we have a highly trained team of staffs who are best at their jobs to tackle any situation. Whether you need a dental emergency or a regular dental check up, you'll be guided from the moment you walk in till you walk out. Moreover, unlike most other dental practices, we are authorized to provide safe and appropriate dental sedation to our patients to make any dental treatment painless.

Time is money for you and we understand that. This is why we are known for our swift procedures and systematic operations to give you your much needed dental treatment quicker than anyone else would.

We use the latest technological advancements in dentistry for any dental treatment that you'd need. Whether you need an emergency dentist in Edison, Ramsey, Union or Woodbridge in NJ, you'll get the best dental care for your condition from the best dentist near you. Make an appointment today.