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When infection damages the tooth's pulp, a root canal therapy may be required to save your tooth. This treatment includes creating an access hole in the tooth; removing the damaged pulp from this very access hole; and then disinfecting, shaping, filling and sealing the tooth. You may be put on an appropriate dental sedation prior to the procedure, depending on how much infection is present and the duration of the procedure.

For safety, the tooth may need to be capped with a crown after root canal therapy. The tooth will continue to work like your other natural teeth after that.

Will my root canal therapy hurt?

Endodontists are trained at managing acute pain. However, usually the root canal operation itself is painless. That's because the infection in your tooth pulp has probably damaged the nerve endings that send distress and pain signals to the brain.

Our staffs are specially trained to work with patients to relieve pain, anxiety , and fear, and to recognize that doing so is a vital part of the process of root canal therapy. We want our patients to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible, out of pain and safe.

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At NJ Smiles Dental, we have a highly qualified team of staffs who are best at their job to deal with any situation they face. Whether you need a dental emergency or a regular dental check up, you will be moved by our professionalism and compassion from the moment you step inside until you step out. In fact, unlike most other dental practices, we are allowed to provide safe and adequate dental sedation for our patients, so that any dental procedure is painless.

Time is precious, which we understand. This is why we are known to deliver your much-needed dental care faster than anyone else will, with our quick procedures and highly coordinated operations.

We use the latest technology in dentistry for whatever dental care you 'd need. If you need a root canal treatment dentist in NJ in Edison, Ramsey, Union or Woodbridge, call us. We will provide you the best dentist in your vicinity for your dental procedure. Make an appointment today.

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