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Dr. Patel is by far the BEST dentist that I have ever gone to. His warm, comforting manner and his expertise in his field makes me feel at ease, even though going for dental work makes me apprehensive. The staff at his clinic is warm and efficient. The overall clinic atmosphere is welcoming and congenial.

- Vanita Lakhwala



Invisalign for Straightening Teeth

Gone are the days of visible braces and wires-! Merge yourself with today's technology which facilitates the invisible straightening of your teeth through Invisalign treatment. It assures you with that smile that you have always longed for with complete confidence.


Invisalign for straightening teeth!

NJ smiles dental, being an Invisalign specialist, understands the significance of your need to straighten your teeth. Nothing like a perfect smile, with no consciousness of any visible braces. And that's now made possible with Invisalign! Invisalign treatment aptly matches the need of the patients by providing an invisible solution to straighten their teeth. Another advantage of this Invisalign appliance is, patients can remove their invisible braces during special occasions. Many prefer Invisalign for straightening teeth, as it is a proven technology which relieves you from the pain and insecurity undergone with the wires and metal braces.

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Our Invisalign specialist at NJ smiles dental, can help you build a beautiful smile using invisible braces, which will be custom-made accordingly. This Invisalign appliance is a removable transparent aligner which gradually moves your teeth to the position prescribed by your Invisalign dentist. At regular intervals, you will receive a new aligner which will match the new position of your teeth. To serve your comfort, they can be removed while you eat, drink or brush. At an average, it takes a year to complete the course of Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is an ideal and much-loved solution as it remains invisible, thereby providing visible results.


To understand more about the treatment, consult our Invisalign dentist, who will also help you determine the suitability of this treatment. Our Invisalign dentist will provide you with a series of invisible aligners which will gradually bring a visible change in the alignment of your teeth. For better results, you have to visit our Invisalign specialist on the prescribed frequency.

Our affordable Invisalign dentist will always provide you with the best deals which best suits your budget.

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Be it a minor adjustment or an extensive improvement, Invisalign definitely helps! Invisalign, a technology which has made a revolution by building beautiful smiles across the world. At the end of the treatment, there begins a stunning smile which will make heads turn. And that's the reason millions around the world prefer Invisalign!

Make a wise decision by choosing Invisalign for straightening teeth!