How a professional teeth whitening dentist can give you a flawless smile!

October 12, 2018

Teeth Whitening treatment in Union

Every individual has a different dental need. Many over-the-counter solutions are of a one-size-fits-all type and may not be suitable for you even if it works best for your dear one. Hence, getting an expert’s suggestion is important. This will save you time and prevent you from taking the wrong medication. However, a whitening kit prescribed by a teeth whitening dentist should help you, because he or she knows your needs precisely and will give you the best solution.

What are the benefits of whitening your teeth with the help of a professional?

It is quite apparent that no ordinary individual can match the results a professional dentist gives. If you are planning to do teeth whitening by yourself, then here is what you should know before starting it.

Generally, the whitening products in the drugstore come with a meager amount of whitening agent. This is done mainly considering the safety of the users. A store-bought whitening agent will only remove the lighter stains, leaving the heavily stained teeth as such. So, you get partially whitened teeth that do not look any great as before.

The teeth whiteners supplied to the dentist, come with a hefty amount of whitening agents. The teeth whitening dentist (in Union) uses it carefully on the patient depending on the heaviness of the stains. Also, the teeth whitening dentist has anti-allergy medicines handy to ease you from any itching, swelling, or irritations.

Dr. Hardeek B. Patel, the leading teeth whitening dentist in Union, will apply a whitening gel on every tooth and carefully activate it with a curing lamp. The most significant advantage is that your smile gets even brightness from ear to ear. This is difficult when you are trying to do it yourself with a randomly bought whitening kit from a drugstore or a pharmacy.

Some pointers to help you

  • The dentist might prescribe you a take-home teeth-whitening kit if you need a little brighter smile.
  • The prescribed kit comes with a custom tray that fits your teeth size exactly, unlike the one that is randomly bought from the store.
  • The gel poured into the tray stays intact and does not leak when placed. A poor-fitting tray tends to leak the gel and irritates the gums and lips.
  • Since the procedure is carried on by a professional, you get safe and better results.

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