Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction

Root Canal Vs Tooth Extraction: Which One Is Better!

April 28, 2022
root canal treatment

There are some truths in life that everyone agrees with. Among them is that your tooth may hurt a lot if it gets decayed. You feel pain when you touch that sore tooth with your tongue or food. We all know what it is like, and that’s why we go to the dentist to get some help. Visit NJ Smiles in Avenel, NJ for the best root canal treatment in the nearby areas.

As soon as you feel the pain coming from your gums or the roots of a dead tooth, you know something is wrong. At NJ Smiles Dental, Avenel, NJ we see very bad teeth. People come to us when they are in the most pain and want relief. Extraction may be the easiest way to get rid of a tooth, but there are times when root canal treatment is the best choice.

When should you get a root canal instead of having your tooth pulled?

Getting to the heart of the matter

Infection and decay in the tooth and its roots in place cause the pain to be very bad. You can get a full dental checkup at NJ Smiles, Avenel, NJ. We’ll look at your mouth and figure out where the problems come from. X-rays are often used in the examination to see what is going on beneath the surface. To help you, we must know everything going on in your mouth.

Take care of the infection first

There are times when an infection is causing problems like swelling or severe pain, and we will prescribe antibiotics to treat them. Only when the infection is gone can we see what needs to be done and start any work.

Choosing root canals

Our goal in NJ Smiles Dental, Avenel, NJ is to help our patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Our Dentist in Avenel wants to help patients to keep their natural teeth as long as possible. A root canal is often the best thing to do when you have a big problem with your teeth.

There was a time when root canals were very painful, and some people choose to have their teeth pulled out instead. Modern painkillers are strong and don’t cause a lot of pain. Dental techniques and tools are better now than they were in the past, making the surgery less invasive.

You should always keep your teeth if you can, even if you have to remove them. The moment you get rid of a natural tooth, you leave gaps in your mouth. You might have to pay more to get a new one if the gaps are in the front of your jaw. A cap, a crown, an inlay or onlay, or something else on the rest of your tooth will cost less and look better.

When you leave gaps in your teeth, your teeth will move into them. When the teeth move, they can weaken around the gap. This can allow bacteria to get into the gums and spread. Keep a tooth in place to keep the structure and strength of your teeth. 

It will be easier to eat and smile, too

The best thing to do is to keep a tooth. As long as you keep your teeth clean, your root canal treatment should last long. Your jaw stays strong and healthy if you have the original tooth. You will need to go to the dentist less often if you have the original tooth.

Visit our Avenel Dentist in Nj Smiles Dental,Avenel,NJ for your pain-free session of root canal treatment.