Things to Know About Getting a Brighter Smile

July 26, 2019

Even though you brush and floss your teeth every day, you might notice that your teeth are discolouring or developing a yellowish tinge. This may happen due to certain food items and drinks, smoking, use of tobacco, medications, trauma, and even ageing. The lost spark of your teeth can be brought back by teeth whitening. And here’s everything that you need to know about teeth whitening.

How does teeth whitening work? 

Teeth whitening is not a very complicated procedure. All the whitening products contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaching elements break the stains on your teeth into smaller pieces and ultimately brightens them.

Is teeth whitening suitable for all teeth? 

Teeth whitening sometimes does not work on certain people. Hence, if you are considering to get teeth whitening done in Edison, then you must consult the right dentist first.

What are the teeth whitening options available? 

Your teeth can be made brighter in the following three ways:

1. Whitening toothpaste – While regular toothpaste removes surface stains through the use of mild abrasives, teeth whitening toothpaste contain special chemical or polishing agents that remove stains from your teeth.

2. In-office bleaching – Often referred to as chairside bleaching, this procedure requires only a single visit to the dentist. Either a protective gel or a rubber shield would be applied to your gums during the visit, after which your teeth would be bleached.

3. At-home bleaching – You may bleach your teeth at home as well. In that case, you would be required to fill a tray with whitening gel and fit it to your teeth. You may also use whitening strips that stick to your teeth.

If you want to get your teeth whitened in Edison, then you should consult our experts at NJ Smiles.